Fritolay and Snack factory,doritos etc all products half full!

Rochester, New York 1 comment
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All packaged foods are half full when we open it isn't fair to consumers retired or otherwise for what we pay now higher prices for less product!These all need to be changed as does our government spending.

Soon we will no longer purchase products except what is needed to stay alive and healthy.

Then who suffers more people lose jobs because no one will buy you high priced foods!PJY retired consumer tired of opening frito lays doritos snack factory all of them and only half full I know this isn't necessary just to leave a little air space in packaging!!!!

Review about: Snack Cheetos.



FRITO lay and Pepsi are absolutely horrible to small businesses.They dictate your profit and cater to big business.

You can buy their products at the grocery store for less than my cost from them at my store. Budweiser is another one.

Do they realize it was the small businesses that made them what they are today.Nothing but greed

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